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On Commercial and Mixed Use Zones

With the new mixed-use zone coming into play in our city, I believe we need to remember that not only is it residential, but also commercial and I have seen the rules change from the time it was implemented to now where the developers are not required to put in as much commercial as was originally required. I feel our city needs more commercial not less. When other cities were allowed to annex properties from Millcreek, they took as much commercial as they could get away with. We need to come back strong and require that these commercial properties that are being rezoned to mixed-use, use as much of the ground floor as possible for commercial.

Environmental Sustainability & Economic Development

-In the City Center and in Meadowbrook there are up to 7 story apartment buildings being developed Our city center is across the street from Brickyard Plaza which is in SLC and has the commercial while we have the residential. It is imperative we increase our commercial. We need jobs for these people that are moving into our city

-These apartments will bring thousands of more cars, traffic, and pollution.

-Developers should be held to higher standards and be required to use solar panels, ample green space, and other energy-efficient building designs and should include Emergency Preparedness storage

-Meadowbrook is a grocery store desert. A developer as part of their mixed-use zone should be required to put in a grocery store where people can get healthy food and groceries.

-Whole ecosystems with beautiful mature trees and running streams are being destroyed due to development.

On Emergency Preparedness

We need to create an ordinance requiring new development to put in space for emergency preparedness supplies. This has been discussed in community council meetings but has not been implemented.

Although District 2 has major fault lines running through it, we are totally unprepared to handle a major earthquake. We don’t have any emergency cache pods in place in our district which leaves our residents completely vulnerable.


Millcreek might have won awards for transparency, but I believe we can do a lot better as far as letting the residents know about what is going on with development and changes in the community.

Relevant Experience

Millcreek Community Council – 2017-Present

About Me

I was raised in Millcreek and have spent most of my life here. I am the mother of six beautiful children that I raised here and one stepson. I believe that our city is an excellent place to raise my children as it was mostly a family environment.

I have spent years volunteering in different avenues, most recently on the Millcreek community council and working on emergency preparedness, but I’m most proud of my work at Millcreek Elementary creating a drama club. I would love to see Millcreek stay family-oriented and Connected By Nature!

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