On Commercial and Mixed Use Zones

With the new mixed-use zone coming into play in our city, I believe we need to remember that not only is it residential, but also commercial and I have seen the rules change from the time it was implemented to now where the developers are not required to put in as much commercial as was originally required. I feel our city needs more commercial not less. When other cities were allowed to annex properties from Millcreek, they took as much commercial as they could get away with. We need to come back strong and require that these commercial properties that are being rezoned to mixed-use, use as much of the ground floor as possible for commercial.

Environmental Sustainability & Economic Development

-In the City Center and in Meadowbrook there are up to 7 story apartment buildings being developed Our city center is across the street from Brickyard Plaza which is in SLC and has the commercial while we have the residential. It is imperative we increase our commercial. We need jobs for these people that are moving into our city

-These apartments will bring thousands of more cars, traffic, and pollution.

-Developers should be held to higher standards and be required to use solar panels, ample green space, and other energy-efficient building designs and should include Emergency Preparedness storage

-Meadowbrook is a grocery store desert. A developer as part of their mixed-use zone should be required to put in a grocery store where people can get healthy food and groceries.

-Whole ecosystems with beautiful mature trees and running streams are being destroyed due to development.

On Emergency Preparedness

We need to create an ordinance requiring new development to put in space for emergency preparedness supplies. This has been discussed in community council meetings but has not been implemented.

Although District 2 has major fault lines running through it, we are totally unprepared to handle a major earthquake. We don’t have any emergency cache pods in place in our district which leaves our residents completely vulnerable.


Millcreek might have won awards for transparency, but I believe we can do a lot better as far as letting the residents know about what is going on with development and changes in the community.










Relevant Experience

Millcreek Community Council – 2017- Present

Envision Committee 2017-2018

Emergency Preparedness Committee 2017-2018

Represented MCC at Planning Commision

Regularly attended City Council Meetings until 2018

Attended online during Covid outbreak until Present

Questions and Answers

Questions from the League of Women Voters

Q: What is your assessment of the development of the new Millcreek City Center? Should a new Millcreek government office complex be included there?

A: I don’t believe the majority of District 2 residents are in favor of the high-rise apartment complexes that they will be looking at rather than the beautiful mountains that we see now. The Planning Commission had originally lowered the height of the buildings to be built in that area, and then for some reason, it changed. I like the idea of a city center, and if we’re building it we might as well put in the government offices, but I think it’s time to start thinking about the increased cost to property owners because of the increased density and the necessary increase in police, firefighters, streets, and other resources. I know I voted for this area to be the city center, but I didn’t understand that that meant it would be another downtown or another Sugarhouse.

Q: Would you vote in favor of digital billboards at Millcreek Common by changing the Millcreek master plan and ordinance? Please explain your position.

A: I don’t believe the master plan and ordinances should be so easily changed to accommodate developers. I don’t like the way there was such little time for the public, the community council, and the Planning Commission to weigh in on this. I also don’t like how much money has been spent in man-hours for something the public didn’t know about and might not approve of. I think there are many questions that need to be answered such as; -How much the billboard is worth -How much the advertising cost is worth between a traditional billboard vs a digital one. -Only committing to trade the one billboard that needs to be removed, plus what’s in the billboard bank, versus the three billboards. -What the plans are for the property owners who receive an income from the billboard company and how they’ll be compensated. There are many questions that need to be answered before a decision is made, and everybody should have been given enough time to ask and get their questions answered.

Questions from Constituents

Q: I am a member of the Big Cottonwood Lower Canal Company (secondary/irrigation) water. I wanted to get your position on an issue. There is a stormwater fee associated with living in Millcreek. It is part of our power bill. Some of the Millcreek storm water currently runs through the infrastructure owned by Big Cottonwood Lower Canal Company. The infrastructure is getting older and because the city of Millcreek uses our system to move stormwater I was wondering if you would support using some of the storm water fee money to help maintain our system since Millcreek also uses it move the storm water? It seems it would be in the best interest of Millcreek, SLC county, and the state of Utah to upgrade the current system rather than build a whole new storm system to avoid using the canals owned by the BLCC and other canal companies. Please let me know your thoughts before election day.

A: As I understand it, the stormwater fee was created to update the stormwater infrastructure. Since it was implemented, Millcreek has put in a storm drain in front of my property because all of the water from the street ran into my front yard and pooled on the sidewalk, making the sidewalk unable to be used by pedestrians. I don’t believe stormwater and irrigation water should be mixed. The water in the storm drains can be very dirty with pollutants as people are not very smart about what they will allow to go into those drains. The main reason for irrigation water is to water gardens and vegetation. We don’t want those pollutants to contaminate our fresh veggies. That being said, I am in total agreement with you that the irrigation system needs to be upgraded, as much of it is extremely old and the infrastructure is falling apart. I do believe that it is in the best interest of the cities, the state, and the irrigation companies to figure out a more appropriate way to distribute the water and make improvements to the infrastructure. If elected, I will make this a top priority in Millcreek.


Hi Lynda, I came to Utah a few years ago from San Diego and was delighted to find Millcreek. I rented for the first 2 years and just purchased condo in Capri Homes. I’ve had many frustrations and disappointments with the developers. What I thought was going to be a lovely view has now been built up and the view is gone. I agree with you on so many issues and am glad to know there are other proactive members in this community. You definitely have my vote and thank you so much for being such a dedicated member of this small but mighty city.

About Me

I was raised in Millcreek and have spent most of my life here. I am the mother of six beautiful children that I raised here and one stepson. I believe that our city is an excellent place to raise my children as it was mostly a family environment.

I have spent years volunteering in different avenues, most recently on the Millcreek community council and working on emergency preparedness, but I’m most proud of my work at Millcreek Elementary creating a drama club. I would love to see Millcreek stay family-oriented and Connected By Nature!

Why I am Running

I absolutely love Millcreek, its beautiful scenery, and beautiful properties. I was so excited when we became a city knowing that the money we pay in taxes would be used for our city, that the roads maintenance would be taken care of, and that the other things our city needed for improvements would be as well. I got involved in every aspect of improving our city and joined committees that said what we would like our city to be. As I was on the community council, I represented them at the Planning Commission meetings, and all the City meetings, and the Envision Committee.

In 2018 our rental property started flooding due to development in the city center area and them changing the direction of the ditch for irrigation water. We desperately tried to get any help from the city to no avail. At the same time, the city implemented a blite study in the new city center area. Business owners and residence feared for their properties. We watched as the Planning Commission, who had originally cut the height of new buildings to a  maximum of 40 feet on the new development in the city center, and then change it up to 75 feet at the request of the Planning Department, City Government and Developers. It was obvious that anybody West of Highland Drive was just not as important as those to the East. We now get to see our mountains disappear for a wall of 75-foot apartment buildings and possible digital billboards. With thousands of people that will be moving into the city center area, we will see our road traffic increase tremendously, with no parking, more pollution, and beautiful scenery destroyed. What was a commercial area is now a mixed-use area with only 50% of the front end of these buildings being used for commercial. All of the input from the Committees that we had at the beginning of our city are being ignored, and although people said that they wanted mature trees and nature rather than be another Sugarhouse or downtown, their voices didn’t really matter.

Across the street from our new city center is Brickyard Plaza. There is plenty of commercial there and it’s a place that many of the Millcreek residents have shopped at for several decades. However, it is in Salt Lake City, not Millcreek. So much of the money from commercial will be going to Salt Lake City’s Revenue. Yes, maybe our residents are going to enjoy the ice skating rink and the water fixtures, but unless there is more commercial than what is anticipated now, then there will be much money lost to an expensive endeavor. There are many residents from all districts that are not happy about what is happening in this area.

Why I chose to run for district 2. I do not feel we have been represented correctly in our district and we need somebody that will stand up for our rights. There are many people from all districts that showed up to the different meetings like The Envision committee, which I was a part of, to offer their input as to what they wanted their new city to be like. There was a great expense that went into this. Much of it was not implemented, and if it was, codes were changed after the fact to accommodate the big Developers. 

I am really proud of the Planning Commission for saying no, they won’t recommend changes to the codes and General plan for the billboards without answers to their questions. Still, the city council is able to make a decision without their recommendation. I hope the public outcry will be an eye-opener for the current Administration, and I hope people will not elect another ‘Yes Man’ to the council.

I am running because I think District 2 needs better representation. I am running because I do not want to see our area turned into a wall of 75-foot apartment buildings blocking mountains and nature. I am running because I think we need to increase our commercial not turn it into something that doesn’t produce revenue for the city. I am running because I believe the residents of Millcreek need to be represented.

Are you in District 2?





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